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Stacy Burk is the only professional photographer in the Sedona Region with true professional lighting. It's impossible to properly expose for both the client and landscape without it, so make sure you hire a photographer that has powerful enough light to over power the sun and knows what they are doing.

Stacy Burk is a Nashville Recording Artist with over 30 years in the entertainment industry. Just like LA is known to be the best at image production, Nashville is known worldwide to be the best at music production. Being a Country Music Artist, Stacy had to learn how to promote himself... so he chose to go to LA to grow in image development. Because the level of expectation is so high in Nashville and LA, Stacy needed to find a way to succeed in the most competitive conditions to survive. He spent years learning from the best producers and photographers while also gaining experience in modeling. Photography, videos and portraits has helped his music career exponentially and now he is sharing his experience and skills with those who want to boost their careers and presence on Social Media.


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Why Image is Everything In Today's World

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  To exceed in today's world.. look to Social Media. It's the fastest way to establish trust and authority. The first thing any potential employer or new person does we meet is check our Facebook. Also, there are millions of people making great money off of Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and it's only the beginning. The future of real estate is not in physical, but in digital. The more followers or subscribers you have on Social Platforms, the more influence and ability you have to make money. A large following equals extremely valuable digital real estate. That's why your image is so important... to build your Social presence! 

  Keep in mind, when you're looking for a photographer, you get what you pay for. Most people make the mistake of not spending the money to hire a real photographer until it's too late. If it were not for my years in the Entertainment Industry, I wouldn't know what a real photographer is. When I started offering my services and experience to the public, I was shocked at how many people are calling theirselves Professionals just because they have a camera. They may have shot lots of sessions, but if they haven't learned how to use professional lighting in the outdoors and instruct the client on how to pose naturally, they are still amateurs. It's near impossible to capture both landscape and the person without professional lighting. You can't expose for both without over powering the sun... and for that, you need powerful lighting and experience in how to use it. Furthermore.. you need years of experience in modeling, digital editing, posing and knowing how to control the light around you before you can be a great photographer. Popular public figures know this and hire the best because they want to look great. With only a few seconds to grab someone's attention nowadays, your image has to really stand out! Creativity and knowing how to capture that creativity is key. If you want to move forward in life, you have to give it your all and look your best. You can't cut corners and expect to get ahead... and average images of yourself for the world to see online is one of the worst corners you can cut.


“Stacy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He used music to set the mood to create the natural expression and beautiful pictures that I always dreamed of having, without looking posed. Stacy used high-end lighting and gear to create expensive looking pictures at an affordable price. His knowledge, creativity and attention to detail was beyond my expectations. I am so proud to show my family and friends the outstanding pictures I now have! If you want the most beautiful, creative pictures, Stacy is the photographer you should hire. I loved working with him every step of the way!!

Medea Cerniglia

"I am an actress, and one of the best and first impressions a casting director can have is a great headshot. But to add to this a portfolio of unique and soulful pictures that have an artistic STORY TELLING QUALITY is definitely a powerful advantage in my career. Stacy Burk was recommend to me and when I saw his work on his website, and ultimately met him to share the vision I had for this unique session, I knew he was the right person to entrust my project. His eye is beyond artistic and stunning but also he is a professional, passionate artist that takes care of the minimal detail. He has the ultimate in quality equipment and makes sure you are completely satisfied with the result. I was not only satisfied . I am ELATED and will use his services over an over again. BEST photo session I have had in my career!"

Mariana Alvarez

“The first time we saw Stacy's work it took our breath away - we knew he had to be our photographer. The images he captures are unlike anything else in this world: they are sexy, romantic, modern, genuine works of art. Stacy is more than a photographer, he is a true artist!”

Kate Dillon

Stacy takes the best pictures in the world. He makes me look like I think I should look or how I imagine I look. He knows how to get just the right smile out of you and the lighting is spectacular! If you want to look like a movie star or just beautiful for that special person, he is the one who can do it. I wish I had known him when Charles and I were getting married. I would have flown him to Florida!!!!

Helen Gigson

"You have one SHOT to make a great impression... don't start with a selfie. I believe God created each of us with a purpose... and if we don't go after the dreams he put in our heart with all our might, we will never find true fulfillment and happiness."